Every single ethnic wear from Minu Fashion (Kolkata) is produced using superfine 100% cotton yarn.



Presenting an article highlighting some information about this wonder fibre…

Be it silky or rough, smooth or textured, thick or sheer, indestructible or luxurious; Cotton fibres are amazingly well known and the most loved fabric for both home furnishings and clothing.


  • Versatile
  • Breathable
  • Soft
  • High Absorbency
  • Durability

A brief history of cotton fabric:

Around 60% of the cotton used in fabrics comes from the fluffy cotton ‘ball’ – which is actually a fruit and not a flower. It is believed that this ‘oldest of crops’ was first grown in America in the early 5,000 BC, and was soon adopted by India and other ancient civilisations.

With time and evolution, cotton is now available in around 50 different varieties. Let us know about them…

  • EGYPTIAN COTTON: Regarded as the “best” cotton in the world – it is soft, strong and has high concentration of strands and other superior characteristics.
  • MUSLIN: An ancient plain weave cotton fabric that is often sheer, delicate and un-dyed.
  • BROADCLOTH:A firmly woven cotton fabric with fine rib effect.
  • COTTON CHAMBRAY: A fabric that is woven with a blend of coloured and white yarn.
  • DENIM: A sturdycotton warp-faced fabric that is usually dyed indigo blue and used to make jeans.
  • CANVAS:An extremely durable plain-woven fabric usually made of cotton or linen; although, historically it was made from hemp.
  • CORDUROY:A thick cotton fabric with velvety ribs and available in various weights and weaves.
  • FLANNEL:Plain and soft oven fabric with napped surface that gives a soft washed feel. It was originally made from carded wool, but is now often made from wool, cotton, or synthetic fibre.
  • POPLIN: A plain-woven fabric, made with very lightweight cotton yet strong, and has corded surface.
  • TERRY CLOTH:A fabric with loops that can absorb large amounts of water more than most types of cotton.
  • CHINO:  A twill fabric, originally made of 100% cotton and available in several weights.

Other types include – Twill; Jersey Knit; Cotton Chenille; Satin; Oxford; Gingham Cotton; Seersucker and so on.





While some may consider cotton as a “plain and common’ material”, it is actually one of the best and finest textures around.