The festival of colours – Holi – is only a couple days away (March 13th) however the vivid hues have already started to taint the sky.Dhoom6_6007

We are certain you have Holi events in your town to head to. But before you go, you must read this post to ensure you have chosen the suitable attire for yourself which is both comfortable and maintains your dignity while celebrating the festival of colours.

Look at some of the following helpful tips for what to wear during Holi:


1) While taking part in the messy fun, it is always advised to wear old clothes; however ones that won’t stick to your body when you play with water.

 2) Do ensure that you pick the right fabric i.e. Cotton. It is summer friendly therefore will be cool and comfortable in the sun.

3) Whether you are wearing a t-shirt or kurti, a Dupatta/Stole ought to be a piece of your ensemble. It will not only cover your hair and body but also make a style statement.

4) Ensure that the clothes you wear should cover maximum parts of your body. The best decisions would be high-necks or full-sleeves. 

5) Miscellaneous: Once you are done with choosing the suitable clothing, focus on the minor yet critical things:

  • Oil your air and moisturise your skin well
  • Choose colourful flip flops over belly or shoes.
  • Don’t forget to paint your nails.

6) After the play, it’s the ideal time for a gathering with your loved ones. This implies no all the more delving into the most profound corners of your closet to pick out the oldest dress. Rather it’s time to experiment with something new and colourful because, Holi festival is more than just wearing white.

  • If you are going out with friends, you can wear a Kurti with leggings or your favourite jeans.
  • If you are spending the evening with the family, then a simple but vibrant salwar kameez would be appropriate.



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What is your go to Holi outfit? Leave us a comment below.