The wedding season is back again, which means it’s time to take that big sack of sarees out from our closet. However, sometimes in a bid to flaunt much more than required, we tend to commit errors while wearing sarees, which ruin the entire look.

Hence, in this blog we will tell you about 7 mistakes that you should avoid at all costs when you wear sarees lest you want to attract the fashion police.
1. Misfit blouse: Blouse is as much important for your overall look as your saree is. So, wearing a mismatch or misfit blouse can blight the whole grace of your saree.
Tip: Getting a perfectly stitched blouse is the safest option.
2. Saree length: Do you know your saree should fall at the right length? It should not be too short or too long. It should just touch the floor while making it comfortable for you to walk.
Tip: Wear your footwear before draping just to make sure that the length of your saree as well as the petticoat is floor length even while you wear your footwear.
3. Draping styles: There are many saree draping styles, apart from the regular way that you can try. So, don’t simply copy any celebrity style, drape a saree according to your comfort level.
Tip: Pre-pleat your saree and pin them before you wear it and also make sure that the pallu covers the front of your blouse properly.
4. Too many helpful pins: Wearing a saree is quite the challenge – after all it is one long piece of clothing held together by skilful draping. It’s quite understandable when you use an entire packet of safety pins to hold it all together. But don’t over use! It might peak out while you are in the public.
5. Wrong footwear: Maintain your traditional look with the right pair of sandals. Hence, avoid wearing casual platform, the flats and slippers.
Tip: High heels and stilettos are the perfect match that will not only enhance your ethnic attire but also make you look slimmer and taller.
6. Heavy jewellery and makeup: When you keep it simple and classy, it always stands out! So, don’t overdose with bling (accessories/and makeup) when you wear your favourite saree on any particular occasion.
Tip: Opt for delicate jewellery like subtle earrings, thin bracelet, etc.
7. Mismatch with the occasion: Like office demands formal, schools demand uniforms, similarly different types of parties/functions demand different types of sarees i.e. you cannot wear your favourite saree irrespective of the occasion.
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