In our previous blog, we taught you how to drape a basic style saree. Hope you all tried your hands and have become a pro by now. So as promised, let us now learn the 3 in-trend draping styles…

Mermaid style:                                                                             urvashi_1021

This style gives you a close fitting on the hip and flares at the bottom, thus completing the mermaid style look. This is perfect, if you want to flaunt your curves in a traditional ensemble.
1. Follow step 1 of the basic draping but do not make pleats. Tuck the edge to your left side waist.
2. Now take the open edge and hold up the width section to form pallu pleats of the entire width in 5-6inches placing the top border on top as first pleat.
3. Bring the pleated drape across your left hand side to your back and right side. Throw it from right back side to right shoulder front, as hanging on your right.
4. The length of your pallu should be long reaching 5-6inches above the toe level, and pin up the pleats at shoulder point like the Gujarati drape style.
5. Now take the first pleat edge and spread it to your corset, wrapping around till back side, again bringing it forward till the left side in full stretched fitted form.
6. Then hold the corner and pin it up underneath the drape across, on the left side by the thigh.
Pant style:

  • This is a current favourite of many ladies as it is easy, done in a short time, and brings the saree look to a whole new level.
    • Instead of a petticoat, wear a pair of leggings or pants in ankle length.
    • Take the saree pallu end and make pallu pleats, now pull this over your left shoulder.
    • Then take the other end and bring it back from right side to your left waist side and tuck in properly at waist.
    • Now all the loose hanging saree needs to be pleated at the centre and tucked in the centre of your pants.
    • Then re-adjust the pallu pleats that your corset is covered up well and pin pleat at shoulder. Simple!

Lehanga style:khatamitha_50593

From reel to real life, Lehanga saree has been widely accepted by the women irrespective of their age. Like pant style draping, this is also easy and takes less time.
• Use a chiffon or georgette saree, for this style.
• Tuck the end of the saree (non- pallu end) on the right side and bring it around the waist to the back side, tuck it in fully while doing the same. Bring it towards the front again.
• Drape around the waist, leaving a length of fabric in the back.
• Make front pleats and secure pallu. Also, make back pleats and tuck it in the lower back.
Some other styles according to different cultures: